Why Choose iCS?

iCS is a professional, relationship-driven business with excellent R&D Tax claims results and is already supporting a growing portfolio of clients and numerous firms of accountants. We provide exceptional service standards and a proven, long-term approach to saving clients, and their accountants, time, money and resources, while improving cashflow in these challenging times.

iCS is different as we focus on working strategically and closely with both accountants and their limited company clients, harnessing the benefits of the HMRC R&D Tax Credits Scheme to create a win, win, win situation for all parties. iCS takes a different and refreshing approach with all parties involved:

  • iCS manage the smallest of claims to the largest, ranging from £2,000 - £400,000
  • iCS is not motivated by commission, we are relationship and results driven
  • iCS respect that accountants, and their clients, have different risk appetites
  • iCS are professional, consultative and “real world” advisors
  • iCS educate the market, creating confidence for accountants to introduce their clients to us

Our accountant partnerships are most effective when their partners or directors are client facing. If your firm operates in the SME sector, with mainly sub £20 million turnover clients, then we should be talking.

If you are a client that believe it’s “too good to be true”, and you remain sceptical and mistrusting of the scheme, then we should talk to you or you should ask your accountant to talk to us. Our open and honest approach will be highly refreshing to hear.

While R&D tax can apply to a wide range of sectors; typically, our clients operate in Agriculture, Construction, Engineering, Food & Drink Production, Manufacturing, Printing and Software/IT.



I really appreciate your understanding on the R&D Tax Claim and as far as I’m concerned you and iCS have given a really professional and totally transparent service which I will certainly refer to others
The revenue from the R&D tax claim, expertly handled by iCS, has given us a welcome additional boost to our funds both now and in the future and further enhanced our business growth. I would recommend iCS to any SME business that needs independent and expert help with R&D tax claims and other cash flow funding options and business consultancy all wrapped up in one service
The cash generated from the R & D tax scheme has helped us to maintain a robust financial position which has been especially important to our survival during the current and uncertain business Covid 19 climate. ‘iCS has excellent knowledge of the whole funding marketplace and products available. When setting up KFI it was a natural step to engage iCS to help with all aspects of our capital and cashflow funding and to advise and support our growing business
The service iCS provided was highly professional and simple to partake in. All we did was provide technical information via an interview and provide some financial data, iCS did the rest. The claim amount received proved to be the best return on my time I have experienced to date and I am looking forward to making the next one
Just a quick note to thank you for making me aware of the R&D tax claim and your work in securing the Corporation Tax refund as a result.
It really was a welcome outcome which I will hopefully be able to repeat going forwards.